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Shaping ideas to perfection

Turning ambitious ideas into reality. This is what it’s all about for Frederik Baert. For years now, he’s made a business out of his passion. And as an ‘ideashaper’, he wants us all to experience the power of design thinking.

Design thinking

Frederik’s eye for aesthetics reveals his distinct passion for visual and interior design. Living life with the attitude of a design thinker is empowering – he found out – and it is about putting people at the center.

‘Design is a spontaneous, scintillating process. Add a dash of enthusiasm to the mix and you create magic! Design thinking allows us to dream bigger than we ever thought possible.’

Frederik’s empathy also enables him to immerse himself fully in his clients’ world and align himself with their business goals. He loves making dreams come true and he complements and supplements your team perfectly from start to finish. What’s more, he’s an effortless communicator and true team player.

And his clients? They adore his approach. They’re particularly enthusiastic about his creative input and refreshing ideas, as well as his knack for making them feasible, yet affordable. But above all they admire how he keeps his cool and keeps on going. His perfectionist streak ensures that everything is completed on time, to budget and as specified – right down to the smallest detail.

Thinking & doing

Frederik has years of experience managing and arranging decors for picture-perfect venues, organising successful corporate events and creating exhibits.

What’s more, he’s mastered a whole range of practical skills and built a solid network of reliable logistics partners. So, whatever the assignment, he’ll put together and lead a dream team, tailor-made to meet your needs.

Why wait any longer? Hire the ideashapers team and add a shot of creative thinkers and meticulous go-getters to your mix!

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